What Was The 2020 Vision?

The 2020 vision forum was to answer the questions that the country would be facing in the future. Questions like the following.

What types of constitutional reform would create a balanced democracy in every part of the United Kingdom and re-establish trust and confidence in politics? How could the Labour Party strengthen families and other social relationships that faced unprecedented pressures, women especially?

This section of the 2020 website contains a number of useful reports from key players involved in Public Dialogue, and provides further information about the benefits of Public Dialogue, evaluating Public Dialogue and the Government’s approach to Public Dialogue.

What role, if any, should the state play? How should they make the welfare state and public services sustainable for the long term? How to empower citizens in ways which involve and seek the commitment of those who work within the public services?

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How to avoid racial conflict in an era of global migration, and redefine multi-culturalism and integration in a way which focuses upon responsibilities as much as rights? How should the UK respond to globalisation without resorting to economic protectionism? Would it be possible to build a green and sustainable world? What could they do to promote security in every community whilst protecting civil liberties?

How to ensure that every child, whatever their background, would have a fair chance of succeeding in life? What should the UK’s international posture in relation to the European Union, the United States and the emerging powers of China, India and Russia be? How should the UK build and encourage strong community and voluntary organisations? How could they ensure that both women and men have greater control over their lives? What steps could they take to embed creativity in the arts, in enterprise, in science and in sports in national life?

All these, and more, were stated concerns for the 2020 vision. Please get in touch for more information.

Charles Clarke and Alan Milburn set up The 2020 Vision Forum to discuss the direction of the Labour party after Tony Blair's time as prime minister came to an end. Many viewed it as a vehicle for Gordon Brown's political opponents to create an axis against him. This website is dedicated to discussing what the 2020 Vision Forum was all about.

The 2020 Vision forum was stated to be about looking to the world a decade or more ahead, about identifying the new challenges the world would face and the new policies needed to implement progressive values.
It was an open forum for individuals and organizations who believed in New Labour’s renewal. The 2020 Vision aimed to facilitate a wide-ranging debate about the future of progressive modernization. Through an interactive website, publications and regional and national events, the forum was described as seeking to encourage the development of ideas and policies that could contribute to progressive reform.

The 2020 Vision initiative's mission statement maintained that renewal required an open and participatory debate, with Labour Party supporters and the wider public taking part.

The main tool that enabled this debate was the website, which was an open forum for individuals and organisations. Participants could register to comment and take part in a variety of discussions in different areas of interest including ‘Constitution’, ‘Environment’, ‘Trade Unions’, ‘Economy’ or ‘Empowerment and politics’. They were also organising events to address different topics. Please contact us if you would like to know more.